Thursday, February 26, 2009

Country roads take me home!

Today was another perfect day for a ride, clear roads, little wind and favorable tempatures. After I got done with work I hopped on my bike and decided to take a ride out around some new lakes. I had mapped out a route on that looked easy enough that I could find my way without getting lost. So I headed out around four and relished in the high 40 degree weather. 

I turned left of my street and head down route 18 towards brimfield, and make another left on route 43. Both of these roads are pretty busy and also have high speed limits with little to no median, which is made worse by winter and snow plows. After you pass 76 you make a right, the road actually crosses the exit ramp, and then you get onto the country roads. This is where the fun begins, little traffic and generally flat and fast roads. As long as you keep you eyes out for potholes, you'll be fine. I started down Edson rd, looking for my next turn. Well, I couldn't find the next turn and somehow ended back at route 43, don't know how this happened. I turned back around and took the next left and ended up at Kent State. Again, not where I wanted to be. So I decided to retrace my steps and just head east. From here on I'm not really sure where I went. I know I saw Lake Hodgson and Sandy Lake, I know Summit Rd took me back to Route 43 and Sunnybrook Rd. That's all I know about this trip since these roads don't have street signs. 

It was a fun ride, I didn't have to worry about not getting home because I had a ride avaliable, so it was fun to just get out and ride. Let the roads take me where they wanted to go, I knew I would eventually get home but it didn't matter when and how long it took. It was a truly gratifying feeling. The roads decided to drop me off a little over an hour after I started and I finished with a gratifying 30 mph sprint past my house. Up 5 mph from my personal best from last year and I already have half the numbers of rides as last year. This year is going to be great.

avg mph- 16.2
time- 1:15:07
Avg Cadence- 81 rpm
elevation gain- 413 feet

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  1. I have a ride note like what you're describing:
    "Finally got to relax – rode hard, but not in a hurry." One of the few times I didn't have to be anywhere - just riding. ahhhhhh