Thursday, March 5, 2009

What's that?!

So, I had the day off from work and the temp was up so I decided to go out for an epic ride. I had planned to get up early and do a metric century. The plan was to start at my house ride to the valley via the MUP and then do a lap around the Valley and ride back home, it would have been around a metric. When I woke up I checked my e-mail and saw that my Shimano 105 shifters where coming in. I decided to wait it out and do a quick install, I figured I could be out the door by 1 or 2. Boy was I wrong. The first problem came when I cut the new cable housing, not realizing that I had left the cable in the housing. So I had to make a side trip down to Peformance Bikes to pick up new cables. Came back put everything back together and started to tune my new drivetrain, this is something I know how to do, but for some reason today I couldn't get the darn thing to work. I was working towards perfection, but with time slowly slipping away, I had to go out without my drivetrain 100% perfect, it worked but it skipped a gear or two every once in a while. 

With it now 4:30 and sunset coming fast I had to put my epic ride on the backburner. Instead of riding to the valley I decided to drive. I pulled into the parking lot around 5 pm and got out on the road. I followed Akron Peninsula Road all the way up to Merriman Road, fighting a nasty headwind the entire way. Atleast I knew the ride back I would get a nice tailwind. I turned right onto Sand Run Parkway. Followed that up the short uphill section and than made another right onto San Run Road. Sand Run Parkway starts off with a decent climb right off the start, made even harder by the fact there is no flat section to get up to speed. Once up I was treated to a nice long downhill. A right turn on Bath for a short section then a left back onto Akron Peninsula road, and back to the parking lot behind Century Cycles, where I ran into the Akron Cycling Club and Crow from CAMBA. Had a nice chat with them and then I was off to home. Here's the details.

Distance: 20.89 miles
Avg Speed: 16.7
Avg Cadence: 81
Time: 1:15:03
Elevation: 513 feet


  1. Ha ha! Just missed you.
    I was trying to get some miles on my new AM rig that I'm taking to GA next week, but the towpath was a mess, so I rode road with 5" of travel. I latched onto Crow's group in the dark at the bottom of Boston Mills Rd. I charged for the front but it was my 2nd time up and I was turning down old A-P while they continued up to the Bike 'n' Hike. They caught me coming out of the Lizard - that's when I found out who I had been chasing. :-)

    Do you have anything to post about the Kent trails?


  2. I do not have anything on the Kent trails but John does on his blog