Friday, March 6, 2009

Unexpected Ride

Today ride was kinda unexpected. I had planned to meet Johny P after we both got off work around 3. I got home ate a quick lunch and got ready. Called Johny but it went to voicemail, I waited around thinking he got stuck at work and finally sent him a text message. He had gotten off work and had already set off and was already in CNVP. So I sent him a text I would be at Century Cycles in half an hour if he was nearby meet me there and we'll do a little ride together. Pulled into the parking lot got my things together and he showed up just as I was about to leave. Showed him the propsed map and off we went. 

We started off on Akron Peninsula road, John conceeded that he had already down close to 40 miles today and that I might have to do the brunt of the pulling in our two man paceline. I was more than happy to do that, as I figured it would be a slower paced ride because of John's already been on the road and my lunch shift. I quickly found this to be wrong. The pace immediatly went up, even against strong headwinds. I pulled hard and John stayed glue to my back wheel. Everyonce in a while I would move to the back to take a short break and before long I craved the front again. We turned right onto Sand Run Parkway and the pace picked up again. We climbed up Sand Run Parkway which turn out to be a pleasant little hill, not to steep to kill you but long enough to make you work for it. 

We turned right onto Revere Road and finished the climb and started descending towards Yellowcreek road. Which proved to be a steep climb. In the gearing of 39x27 I was still standing on the pedals trudging up the hill. After the hill was a short 13% descent. We missed our turn at Revere Road and continued down Yellowcreek until we hit Brecksville road. Another right onto Bath and the pace picked up once again, now we were cruising at a pretty steady 25 mph. Bath road ended with a nice descent where I hit a top speed of 38 mph. We finished by following Riverview road, a steady slight downhill and a tailwind meant the pace kept up and even included a sprint, which I easily won, OK so he was on a fixed so he didn't have the big ring like I did but I still think I can take him in a sprint. We'll see when he get's his Waterford out. The ride ended with motopacing a car around the corners back to the parking lot (kids don't try this at home).  Overall, it was a ride which I didn't think my body would do, but I was surprised at the output I could do. Hopefully, the rain holds off on Sunday and John and I can do a repeat of this ride. Here's the stats!

Mileage- 27.36
Avg speed-17.1
Avg Cadence- 84
Elavation- +761 feet
Time- 1:36:32

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