Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My First Half Century

Before today my total mileage for this year was a measly 100 miles, due to work and inclement weather. I tried to ride but it's hard when half the routes I normally took were impassible by snow. Luckily, today turned into a great day to ride. A local rider had seen my blog on my Valley hill climb loop and e-mailed me asking if he could tag along one time. It just so happened that we both had today off from work. So we decided to meet at my place and do a nice ride out to the valley.

Johnny P showed up to my house around 1 pm with his Surly fixed gear, and I pulled out my Scattante Team XRL. We promptly left and made out way down East Ave in Tallmadge and turned right onto Munroe Road. This took all the way to route 91 and the bike and hike trail in the Falls. After my legs warmed up, I gotta admit I was feeling pretty good, I was pushing a high cadence and generally was riding well. My corning was fast and smooth.

We followed the Bike and Hike up until we reached Truxell road and descended into the valley. Here on the gently flowing we grabbed some food and beverage in preparation for the hard work that was about to come. When we reached the Boston Mills climb Johnny P jumped out in front of me and rocketed up the hill. I was surprised at this, he was on a fixed gear for christ's sake! He's a strong rider for sure! While he rocketed up the hill, I was bonking hard core. My legs hit their lactic threshold and were burning like no other. I looked down and I was rolling at the blistering pace of 4-6mph. I couldn't muster any more strength and it took everything I had to make it up the 3 mile climb. I made it though and after the descent back down the valley we went back up Truxell road and this is where I was pushed past my limit, but I know when I got to the top I would be done with the worst part.

Our return took us through Stow and Kent and finally through Brimfield and back to my place. I gotta say it was a great ride, albeit a killer one for me. It's a ride I'll be riding again. And finally I want to thank Johnny P for the company. Pictures of me should go up on his blog.
Trip Data:
Time: 3:24:37
Avg speed: 14.8
Avg Cadence: 75 rpm
Calories Burned: 2100
Elevation Change- 1,400 feet


  1. OK - now I'm following you since it is now such a small world: I bought John P's rims the day before you guys rode. ...fixie...at least he has brakes on it - I don't know how they do it, up or down.
    If you will be racing, try to keep that cadence up high (90+) when you're training. Of course, building strength as well will help you on the MTB when you need that burst for a short climb or to keep your momentum. I'm always glad to see someone really getting into the sport!
    50 mi. is a pretty good chunk for this early in the year.


  2. Thanks Flea, it always a nice surprise the people you meet randomly. I don't want to make excuses but the low cadence from this ride is not normal for me. Up until we hit the hill climbs I was averaging over 90 rpm but after the climbs I bonked and spent the remainder of the ride on the back of John P's wheel just trying to make it home. The first half of the ride was much better.

  3. When are we riding together Fleas?!?! I'll meet you half way : )

  4. All three of us should ride one day, I'm sure it would be a blast.