Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Vs. Evil AKA Fixed Mania

Today was another ride with my good friend Johnny P. I was on call tonight for work so I asked that we take an easy route. John came up with a nice rolling to flat route around the outskirts of Kent that may soon become a favorite ride of mine. SO brought out my white stead and met John with his black stead, and both of us headed out on a fixed gear bikes.  It took us past the beautiful Brady Lake and Lake Rockwell. It followed gently rolling roads that were free of traffic. It was a generally low key ride free of any major malfunctions or problems, well except John's snow covered cleats. On the upside my rides are improving each time I go out. Here's the important info
Length- 29.27 miles
Avg Speed-15.9 mph
Time-around 1:40
Elevation Change-531 feet 

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