Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rainy day ride.

Yesterday I wanted to ride. I had missed a group ride on Thursday and hadn't gotten very many miles this week, my longest ride was 11 miles! Snow and time where a major factor in this. So when I was done with work at two I decided hell or high water I'm going riding. 

The problem was it was raining. Well, I built up a rain bike for this reason so I hooked up the Garmin and a blinkie and headed off. Didn't really go anywhere specific nor did I follow any route I had done before. The one thing I wanted to do was to ride past where I usually turn on Lynn Road and ride down the gravel portion. I had a blast, it kept me on my toes and added a little bit of spark to the ride. I had so much fun I decide to hit as many "bad roads". I hit four in total Lynn Rd (Gravel), Crystal st (one lane dirt), Franklin Ave (Brick) and SunnyBrook rd (Potholes). It was a fun ride, going no where in particular but when I got close to something of interest I would head over that way. Spent 2 hours out in the rain for 33 miles and I had a great time. I added a graph of the information from my garmin:

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