Sunday, April 19, 2009

I've got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!

I'm sitting here watching the live dutch feed of the Amstel Gold race on my computer and recovering from yesterday. I got up early and did rode down to the Race at the Lake series race to watch Sara race her race. She put in a good effort and I was really proud of her. The womens category was 8 strong and she was up against a past national crit champion. She got dropped early but gave a great effort. Because of the weather I ended up getting a nasty burn. Watching the race excited me and I'm planning on doing my first crit race next Saturday in cat 5 for the second RATL series.

I got home and cleaned my bike and ate and I was off to the Vultures Knob OMBC race. This year they added a prologue to the start of the race to hopefully thin out the group before we hit single track. Well this didn't really work because they didn't separate the classes with enough time and after about a quarter mile we were dumped off in a pretty technical section. My group immediately cut the group that was started out a minute before. I was caught up and the a couple of the riders got away from me. Luckily there was a climb up a field during the prologue and I was able to get past the slower sport riders and started to make up ground on the other riders. Halfway through the lap at the split I found out I was the 3rd novice to go through. So I started to push harder. Towards the end one rider got by me but I ended up with a nice third place finish.

After the race it was a party atmosphere and it was nice to see everyone from last year. My friend Roger was presented his custom bike from last year. During the awards presentation I was the only rider still present so I was anointed with Wild Turkey and giving my prize, a Vultures Knob cowbell. One or two drops actually made it in my mouth while the rest was splattered over my sunburned face. A pretty fun race!

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