Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some Happenings.

This week was a pretty eventful week for me. Between watching the tour every morning, My brother being in town and still trying to average 8 hours of riding a week, pluss working, I've been quite busy. Sunday I did a recovery ride at Quails Hollow on my 29 singlespeed. Two laps of just easy riding and having fun on some of the obstacles there. Monday I went to the CAMBA Monthly meeting at OECR and did some laps there. I was on Brett's wheel most of the ride and really pushed myself. I was riding my 26 singlespeed and was right around lactate threshold for most of the ride.

Tuesday I did a 30 mile road ride around the roads of Brimfield and Suffield. The roads where pretty crappy chipseal but the scenery was great. I happened upon a little traveled road that took me back from the hartville area that was lined with small family farms. Wednesday was the CAMBA group ride. It was a good morale boost as the first lap I was so fast only one person was able to hold my wheel and he said that he only did so by a thread. This should bode well for this weekends race. Thursday I took my brother out for his first mountain bike ride at Reagan Park. We did all but Bohedes trail and I was really impressed with him. He only fell once when at the start when he was getting used to the bike. By the end of the ride he was a pro on the bike. we would have finished all the trails except we had to get back to Bbq with the family.

Today I took a short 10 mile recovery ride around Tallmadge including motorpacing around the circle Around mile 8 a spider bit my forhead, appearantly he had ridden for a while inside the helmet.

Tomorrow either will be a rainy road ride or mountain biking with Jen and Mike. Let's see what the weather brings me.

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