Saturday, July 4, 2009

Medina Twin Sizzler

Pics to come tomorrow.

This fourth I did my first road race. I picked the Medina Twin Sizzler as it was easily accessible and seemed fun. I had planned to do this race since the first of the year. I had originally planned to peak for this event and make it a big race. As the season progressed, and as I accumulated points in the OMBC series it became less of a priority. So I didn't request off the night before and ended up getting less than four hours of sleep.

Race day I woke up at the ungodly hour at 5, made sure I had everything and set out. Got there parked and started to head towards the registration and as I came to the corner I see my good friend Sarah pull up. We signed up and started our warm up.

The race started a little after eight and my group 25-29 citizen started off. The pace was fine at first and I made sure my pace was around 100 rpm. I did my pull at the front pushing the pace up a little bit and hung back to the back. Went through the rotation and right as we hit the one major hill, at around mile 10 another rider about 3 back decided to go off the front. I was not confident enough to go with him this early and decided to pull him back when the front rider pulled off I decided to start the chase. I pulled as hard as I could and we started to pull him back. I was averageing about 25-26 mph off the front. This would have worked but I pulled off at the wrong time, a slight uphill, my weakpoint, and totally spent. When I got past the last rider I left a little to much space and soon lost the draft. From there on I was out of the draft. A mistake caused by my hubris. From there on out I was off the back.

I finished the race solo, I'm told only a minute behind the leaders. Overall, it was a good ride and fun time. I might do another road race but I think I'm going to keep focusing on OMBC and mountain biking. Thanks to CAMBA, Kenda, Crank Brothers, Rudy Project, and Ritchey for helping me race.

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  1. keep it up...good to see you out on the road.