Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm back

This week I took a semi planned week off from riding. I had expected a couple days off and some light rides but my body and mind told me I needed a break. So I took it's advice and enjoyed some much needed rest.

Today I did my normal house route, a little over 9 miles and it took my body a while to get back into things, plus I had a killer headwind for the first half. But the second half my legs opened up and I started to feel good again. Monday, I'm attending the CAMBA meeting and group ride, and Tuesday I have off so I will probably heading to Vultures Knob. My new Bontrager Race lite wheels for my Piranha are at the shop getting Stans sealant put in to go tubeless, so I will be interested in getting those back and seeing the benefits of tubeless. So it should turn out to be a good week.

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