Friday, May 15, 2009

Back to Medina and 1,000 miles

Yesterday I happened to get called off because a big party canceled, and since it was so beautiful out I decided to go for a ride. I hadn't been on my road bike for a long time and I decided I needed to return to valley and get some hill climbs in. I had also checked my total mileage for the year and I thought I had 50 to go to hit 1,000 miles, so that was my goal for yesterday. I went out and did a revised version of the big boy route. I added on Boston Mills east and Truxell road climbs on to the end. I did my ride and had 10 miles to go so I called my mom and told her to meet me out to eat in Hudson and finished my last ten miles around Hudson and Stow. When I got home I plugged in the Garmin and checked my total miles for the year and I was three short! Below is the map of the route

Finally, today I missed the Trek Demo because of work but was able to get a lap in at the Reagan Park trails. I got 12 miles in today and my legs felt dead from yesterdays ride so I wasn't pushing to hard. The new reroutes and mud kept my speed down since I didn't know what was coming around each corner. I ran into Emily who I had met at a trail day in January. She is back from school and is pretty fast. It was great to see her again. So his week I reached my goal and I'm planning on racing the wilds this week end so hopefully I can have another post of another race win on Sunday.


  1. 1110.25 miles app. so far this year. Number should have a nice spike after school lets out on the 9th of June. Then another decrease when school startsa again in sept.

    What race should I do Sunday? preferably one lap? See you at the start line.

  2. Hey, want to ride sometime soon in Cuyahoga Valley? I've been there a few times, but never know the best routes, or anything. I'm up for some climbing! Let me know when you'll be riding around there...