Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dusty Spokes is Back!!

Well, I'm back. Did you miss me? After too long I'm back at it. For those that haven't heard I did go into surgery. I spent an entire month in bed, because it hurt to sit up. I stayed off the bike all the way through the new year, well I'm come clean. I did have some rides during that time. Just don't tell my doctor. Most were short, a lot of them I turned around because it hurt too much. But on Christmas eve eve, I got the ok from the doctor to start riding again. On New Years Day I returned and now after a month of taking it easy to cage how I would ride, I started training again! So hopefully this year I'll update more regularly.

In the time off I got a call from Snakebite Racing, actually it was a Facebook message but that sounds a lot less professional. It was the first month off and I was sitting at home, I had barricaded myself from the cycling world because it was way to depressing. I had spent the week of the Big Valley Race being asked where I was. It had gotten to much so I had just walled myself in. The message was asking me to join the team. I had thought about switching up teams for a while, but it seemed like now was a good time.

Now, that is not to allude that I wasn't happy at CAMBA. Truth be told, I was rather happy at CAMBA, everyone was awesome and very helpful. They were always there to answer questions and I must give thanks to them as they helped me progress as a rider. It came down to two things; my desire to get more into road racing, and me wanting to push myself further. With those two things on my mind, I accepted the spot on SnakeBite Racing.

The other thing that happened was me really come into my own at work. I had just picked up the Head Mechanic position when I got hurt, and after coming back I made sure the make my mark on the shop. I have already impressed my manager, District Manager and Corporate. So much so that I have been featured in the company blog (, the FYI that goes out to each store and an e-mail sent out to our stores mailing list. Below is the e-mail.

In other news, I have moved to just outside the Cuyahoga Valley so I'll be right down the road, and when I say right down the road I mean just a downhill to the Valley. So hopefully, I'll be getting in a lot of a good training in. Well this post was supposed to be about why I love the early season training, but I got of on a tangent. So I'll be back with why I love early season training. That is, if I remember why I love it tomorrow.

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  1. yo! Good to hear from you. Glad you're all healed. I missed you at OMBC last season(I broke a collarbone as well, not as severe as yours though). Hopefully we'll square off again this year!