Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A whole lot of nothing.

So after the OMBC championship race I took a much needed vacation off the bike. It's been a hell of a season but by far an amazing one. I have been spending my time resting and eating whatever I wanted to.It's been nice, but truthfully I never really rested. I've done a couple bike rides, and started running. I didn't think I'd like it but Sara has been a huge help. Learning why I cramp up when I do, what shoes I need and all that stuff is all the little things that Sara helped me out with. She was impressed with my first run with her and I'm really enjoy. So the plan is to do some sort of run on Thanksgiving morning with Sara, my brother Travis and my sister Valerie. It should be fun.

I'm missing a cyclocross race this weekend because I'm working, it's all fair because I worked for him last week. Hopefully, I can hit up the Grunt Girls trail run Sunday morning depending on my schedule with work. Then I'm confirmed for the last two cross races. Then in December the Ray's indoor Mountain Bike Time trial starts so I'll be doing that. The second sessions starts in January. So I won't be starting anytime soon.

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