Friday, January 23, 2009

Race Report: Ray's Tri Flow XC Race

First off, I have to say thanks to Ray for putting on a great event. This was the first year for Ray putting on an indoor cross country race. It can only be described as a success. Twenty one riders showed up to test their skills over a three lap time trail over the loop at Ray's mountain bike park. For me, it gave me a litmus test on a switch from novice to sport. Though, my time wasn't what I wanted it to be, 9:29 (with a dab penalty of 15 seconds) it gave me an idea of where I need to improve.

A good surprise was when one of the pro riders, it just happened to be my "fantasy rider" Trek's Emily Batty, showed up a day early and hung out with us. It was a neat experience, I got a chance to talk one on one with her and ask her some questions about her career, and she was able to get info about cycling in Ohio. Overall, it was a great way to spend my Friday morning and I highly recommend getting up there this weekend to see the Pro women race on Saturday, and to ride with them on Sunday. Thanks to Bike Authority, Kenda, Crank Brothers, and Rudy Project for supporting my riding and the CAMBA race team.

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  1. Andrew,
    Man, I'm really jealous, your getting this pic with Emily and all the riding you've been getting in. See you out on the trails.

    Bob Myers